E-Commerce 1

Level: Introductory
Prerequisite: None
Description: Students will investigate the concept of e-commerce as a marketing strategy and design an e-commerce Web site to sell products and/or services.
Note: The e-commerce Web site that is designed does not need to be published on the Internet; it can be operational on a local machine/network, if necessary.

Students will setup/install WordPress (or other appropriate CMS of their choosing) on the class webserver. You may already have a working WordPress running from the previous course.

  1. Download WordPress from https://wordpress.org/
  2. Obtain the server information
    • Server IP Address
    • Your Username/Password
    • Database Username/Password
  3. Follow the instructions on the WordPress website to setup/install WordPress
  4. Customize WordPress to your liking
  5. Install the WooCommerce plugin to add a storefront to your site
  6. Configure the store settings according to location, currency, tax, etc.
  7. Customize the storefront to your liking
  8. Create a minimum of 3 product categories
  9. Add a minimum 3 items with price, photos and description to each category.
  10. Setup a couple of user accounts with different levels of access to your site. Ex.) Account1 can add blog posts, Account2 can add items to the shop.
  11. Complete the Web Hosting Assignment.

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