Programming 1A

Welcome to Game Programming!

Before we begin, here is a video to watch called What Most Schools Don’t Teach (Why Learn to Code.) It contains several people that you will recognize:

First Credit

  • Scratch Website:
  • Scratch assignment: Scratch Challenges Completion
    • Create a game in Scratch
    • Scratch Game Requirements
      1. NO MAZE GAMES
      2. Game should have a goal or objective.
      3. Start of game will display some instructions.
      4. Must be winnable – No Rage Games!
      5. Player is told if they lose.
      6. Game should display a score.
      7. Own art is good, give credit if using other people’s art.
      8. Game must have a soundtrack.
      9. Game must have 2 sound effects minimum.
      10. End game screen appears if game is won.

Second Credit

Choose to work with any of the coding environments below. You will learn the same concepts no matter which you choose, just from a different starting point.

  1.  Unity 3D (2D/3D game engine)
  2. Arduino (coding hardware)
  3. App Inventor (mobile app development)
  4. Codecademy (Learn coding through online training)


Second Credit

Third Credit