Introduction to Cybersecurity


Estimated Time to Complete: 15 hours
Prerequisites: None, basic understanding of routing and switching concepts preferable
Course Credits: NET2110, NET2910, NET3100
Course Overview: PDF Download

The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown three times faster than any other job role in ICT, and training a cybersecurity workforce is a priority of many governments. As we become increasingly reliant on technology and cyberspace to conduct our affairs, we want to safeguard against interruptions in the process.

Introduction to Cybersecurity covers trends in this growing field and demonstrates the need for cybersecurity skills in various industries.

Concepts are presented through activities and videos, with built-in assessments to test your knowledge.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the global implications of cyber threats
  • Explain ways that networks may be vulnerable to attacks
  • Explain the impact of cyberattacks on industries
  • Explain Cisco’s approach to threat detection and defense
  • Explain why cybersecurity is a growing profession
  • Explain the opportunities for pursuing network security certifications

We are now in the age of the Internet of Everything! The network is used for everything from storing an organization’s copyrighted data, to storing an individual’s financial and health information. As we get more connected, more data is vulnerable than ever before. There are those who want to take advantage of that vulnerability. We must secure our data.

This course also introduces you to a variety of networking professionals who discuss the exciting and expanding industry of cybersecurity.

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