Web Design 1

Level: Introductory
Prerequisite: COM1005: Visual Composition
Description: Students research the characteristics of effective Web page(s) and learn World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conventions and accessibility concerns to construct a simple Web page.

For this course, you will learn to use basic HTML to make a single web page. Then, we will look at some elements of good web design and plan out a more professional looking multi-page website. You will be introduced to some tools (programs) that can help speed up the coding of your website. We will look at inserting scripts to improve the sites, like animated menu buttons, YouTube videos and other effects. Finally, you will build and test the website, then upload it to our class web server.

Below are the handouts and assignments for this course.

  1. Web Design 1A Intro Assignment
  2. Web Design 1A Assignment 1 Continued
  3. Web Design 1A Assignment 2
  4. Web Design 1A Assignment 3
  5. Web Design 1A Assignment 4
  6. CSS Website Layout – w3schools
  7. Mouseover Code
  8. Web Design 1A Assignment 5
  9. Website Checklist

What next?

Learn more codes! Use the fantastic resource at W3Schools to learn how to use CSS to style your page. I would recommend the following:

  1. CSS Buttons (I like the Hoverable ones)
  2. CSS Navigation Bar

Are you done the basic page? Try something more advanced, like integrating Facebook or other social media into your website:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content on Your Website
  2. Facebook Social Plugins
  3. How to embed a Twitter timeline

The following are links to useful tools and websites.

Free HTML Editors

Free Image Editors

Free Buttons and Banners

Free Cool Effects, Scripts and Code – Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Java, etc.


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