2 thoughts on “Cisco Netacademy

  1. Hi.
    I had heard that you offer a class in building computers from scratch.
    I am very interested in getting infromation on this to see if we can create something like that here in winnipeg.
    1. Do the students get to keep what they build? Or do they pay as they go?
    Do you tear down old computers to build the new ones? I have so many questions

    • Hi,thanks for your comment.

      Some students choose to buy the computers they build. (Sometimes other teachers buy them.) It depends on many factors, such as interest in buying a computer! I buy the parts to build all-new computers a few times a year, usually only 3-4 machines. If students don’t buy them, then they become part of the lab’s gear. This way the students are working on fairly current tech. I don’t normally do payments as I’m not setup to handle cash like that, the student, or their parent, will write a check to the school. Simple is best. Sometimes students buy and bring in their own parts, which works too.

      I hope this answers your questions.

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