These pages are for students in Animation.

Prerequisite: COM1005 Visual Composition – You may have already earned this credit in another class at SHS. If you don’t have this already, start here.

Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles of design for
various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in
preparation for other Communication Technology courses.

Animation 1 – COM1145

Students are introduced to a variety of animation techniques and produce a
simple animation; the focus is on basic skills, including planning, keyframing,
stage set-up and production, used to create a moving picture.

Supporting Course: COM1015: Media

Animation 2 – COM2145

Students explore the evolution of various animation styles and techniques
(traditional and digital). Students apply planning, idea development and
storytelling techniques to create an effective animation.

Supporting Courses: COM2105: AV Preproduction 1, COM2115: AV Production 1, COM2125: AV Postproduction 1

Animation 3 – COM3145

Students apply production planning techniques to produce a sophisticated
animation for a client that tells a story, communicates an idea or a message, and
creates a mood or establishes a theme.


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