Final Flash Project

Flash Final Project

Here are the requirements for your final Flash animation project. You will be given at least 2 class periods to work on it.

  • Length: Minimum of 5 seconds or 60 frames @ 12fps.
  • You must tell a short story, NO RANDOM NOTHINGS! The animation must make “sense”.
  • Must use at least 2 of the animation techniques we learned.
  • Must have a background drawn on its own layer.
  • Yes, you may expand/improve on a previous project.
  • We will be adding sound, so grab a sound file or two from the usual places. Minimum of one sound must be added to your animation. It is probably best to download .wav versions of the sound files.

Free sound effect websites:

  1. Mediacollege
  4. TableTop Audio
  5. Convert from YouTube using one of the many converter tools or sites out there.

Here is a tutorial on adding sound to your animation by “Animation vs Animator” artist Alan Becker:


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