Motion Tween

How to use motion tween in Flash 8

Tutorial adapted from, original link above.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to animate in Flash by applying motion tween, layers and other features in Macromedia Flash 8. Below is a simple animation made using motion tween.

1- Create a new Layer

Firstly, we’ll create a layer by clicking on the new layer icon.


The new layer shows  up on the timeline.


2- Adding motion tween

Motion tweening moves, rotates or resizes an objects in an animation. Here’s how you use motion tween.

First, select layer 1, then draw a square using the Rectangle tool. Then, click on layer 2, and draw a circle using the Oval tool.



You’ll notice that the occupied frames becomes grey.


Then, right click on the frame in layer 2, and select “Create Motion Tween”. Do the same for layer 1.


After that, click on the white or grey space where the 30th frame is located. Insert a keyframe by pressing F6. Another way is to right click on the timeline, and select “Insert Keyframe”. Do the same for both layers. An arrow should automatically appear between the beginning and end of the frames. This indicates that the motion tween is complete. But we’re not finished with it yet.


Notice the objects are automatically converted to a graphic symbol after the motion tween is created. Now, make sure the 30th frame is selected. then, drag the circle towards the left, and drag the square towards the right.



3- Create fading effect

Now let’s create the fading effect. We’ll click on the circle, then select “Alpha” from the Color menu in the properties panel, below the stage.


Then, we’ll type in 0 as the alpha value, or drag the alpha settings bar in the menu button. Now, the circle should become invisible. Do the same procedure for the square.

Now it’s done! Test your movie by pressing Ctrl+Enter to view your animation.

Here is a very fast tutorial and explanation of Classic Tweening by Alan Becker:

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