Vex Robotics

So you have done the mBot robotics course and are ready for the big bots. This page contains all the assignments, links, and resources for the advanced course.

Setup and install Vex RobotC Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW)

RobotC is a programming language developed for and used by most popular robot learning systems. (You might have heard of C, C#,  or C++. Robot C is based on and related to these languages.) RobotC should already be installed on your computer, but you likely need to go through a bit of setup to get the tutorials loaded. Follow the instructions on the page linked below to get started.

  • Getting Started with Robot Virtual Worlds
  • Choose Curriculum Companion for your Virtual World choice.
  • Choose to create a Local Account – use your school login to create the account. If you use the Guest account, none of your progress will be saved.

Build Vex Clawbot

Program and configure controls

  • Load default control program (twin sticks)
  • Create a single stick control program

Add Sensors

  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Button
  • Limit Switch

Add motor

Reconfigure robot. Choice of

  • Add on to default Clawbot. Add and code sensors, encoders, grippers, or other mechanisms.
  • Design, build and code a new chassis and drivetrain.
  • Vex parts available from iDesign Solutions