E-Commerce 2

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: MAM1040: E-Commerce 1
Description: Students will enhance their understanding of e-commerce as a marketing
strategy and design an e-commerce Web site with special effects and additional content to attract customers and increase customer satisfaction.
Note: The e-commerce Web site that is designed does not need to be published on the Internet; it can be operational on a local machine/network, if necessary.

For this assignment, you will create a site for a company. This company has already decided on a few details. They want you to use the CMS: Concrete5 (https://www.concrete5.org/)

The company is called “The Super Cleaners” and they are a cleaning service for residential and commercial customers. You have been provided with the following information.

Company Logo: The client has had this logo for a while, they like the colors and the design. The colors are used elsewhere for the company vehicles, uniforms, building etc. You will be provided with a Photoshop version you can edit/resize.

Link to Photoshop PSD: Super Cleaners Logo

Color Details:    Blue #6699cc        Light Blue #99ccff        Green #99ffcc

Company location/address: 100 Brent Blvd, Strathmore AB, Canada T1P1V2

Hours of operation: 9AM – 10PM Monday to Saturday.


Commercial Cleaning

Super Cleaners provides professional janitorial services and workplace housekeeping. Our dedication to providing Edmonton and Calgary janitorial services and daily office cleaning comes from our understanding that a clean workplace contributes to a more productive work environment.

Super Cleaners offers contract office cleaning services under a customized janitorial pricing scheme. Our daily office cleaning and professional janitorial services deliver professional custodial cleaning for competitive janitorial rates.

Residential House Cleaning

At Super Cleaners, we know you’re busy. Whether you’re a dedicated parent to your children, chauffeuring your family between school and extracurriculars; managing a full-time career, or all the above, we want to remove the added stress of  your home cleaning from the to-do list. Your free time is precious, and we want you to be able to spend it with the ones you love!

Super Cleaners can tackle any kind of residential cleaning—house and home, mobile, condos, and apartments. Whether you’re looking to have the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or all of the above cleaned, we can help you put together a package that will meet your needs. Our cleaners pay attention to the smallest details, and are dedicated to making your home spotless!

Super Cleaners is professional, reliable, insured and bonded. We offer competitive pricing, giving you the ability to have a beautiful, clean home at an affordable rate. Whether you need the house deep cleaned, de-cluttered, or simply tidied up after a party or gathering, Super Cleaners is here to make your life easier.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Super Cleaners offers moving in or out packages, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning during this busy time. Moving in or out cleaning provides a deep clean of your home, removing any built-up or hidden dust, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

If you’re moving in, Super Cleaners will have your new house spotless and ready to make into a home. Start off fresh and ensure that your new home is cleared of any dust or debris from previous residents, or from any renovations or construction work prior to your move-in date. There’s nothing nicer than moving into a beautiful new residence!

If you’re moving out, Super Cleaners will have your former home ready for staging and open house. We understand the importance of selling your home, and a professionally cleaned home gives off the impression that the home has been well-maintained and cared for.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Super Cleaners Carpet Cleaning service has the brand new equipment and latest technology that yields BETTER results! As a green company the environment comes first. With our advanced high quality cleaning service will dig deep below the surface removing all stains and odors without leaving any residue. We feel that with the proper cleaning techniques and using the advanced equipment, our service set the standard for carpet cleaning quality bringing your carpets back to life and leaving you with a healthier and cleaner working environment.


  1. Install/Setup the CMS of the client’s choosing (Concrete5).
  2. Site must have a pleasing theme and design using the company’s official colors.
  3. The company’s logo must be featured prominently.
  4. The Home Page must include the company’s location, hours and contact information.
  5. Each of the company’s services is to be featured on it’s own page. 
  6. Each service page must include at least one photo you find from a stock photo website. The photos chosen must be appropriate for the page they are on.
  7. You may include more graphics/photos as needed.
  8. The site must be setup with accounts for the following users to log in to the system
    1. Lexie Best – Owner/CEO
    2. Aman Blackburn – Sales Manager
    3. Kobe Stuart – Strathmore Rep
    4. Valentino Hicks – Chestermere Rep
    5. Allison Hester – Langdon Rep


Be sure to read the setup process for the chosen CMS before you begin.  

  1. Setup hosting/web server
  2. Setup Database/User
  3. Copy CMS to server
  4. Install and configure CMS
  5. Setup users
  6. Setup theme
  7. Create pages
  8. Upload images
  9. Insert Provided Content

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