Robotics 2 – Soldering and Circuits


For this section, we are going to learn to solder.

  1. What is solder?
  2. Soldering equipment.
  3. Safety and best practices.
  4. How to solder copper wires.
  5. Through-hole component soldering.
  6. Project: Make an LED badge!


  1. Soldering Is Easy! comic
  2. Instructables:

Project 1 – Soldering wires together.





Project 2 – Through-hole Soldering

Step 1: The Components1

Step 2: Insert LED all the way through. Positive leg to the left.2 Step 3: Bend legs out 45 dergrees.3 Step 4: Solder4 Step 5: Insert resistor and bend legs out.5 6 Step 6: Solder the resistor in place through both of its holes. THEN add some solder to connect the right LED leg to the left resistor leg (the middle two wires).7 Step 7: Snip off the two inner leads and test with a 9V battery. Remember which end is positive (+).8 9 10 Works with a Coin cell battery too. Just dimmer.11 12

Project 3 – Solarbotics Learn to Solder kit.


Through-hole components vs Surface mount components.


Printed Circuit Boards.

Project – Learn to solder a blinking LED badge.

Soldering iron maintenance: Instructables