The Design Process

COURSE DES1020: THE DESIGN PROCESS Level: Introductory Prerequisite: None Description: Students develop an understanding of design problems through research and select, generate and evaluate possible solutions. You will need a valid email address (and know the password) for this class. Using your school assigned email address is probably best for now. Write down your password or use one that you will not forget!

  1. Sign up for an Autodesk Education Community Account. Click here.
  2. Go to the Autodesk Design Academy.
  3. Search for and then Enroll in the course “Principles of Design Thinking.”
  4. We will be going through this design activity as a class.
  5. Summary project – Product Design/Development Sheet
  6. Take the Exit quiz:


Go to and use your Autodesk account to sign in.

  1. Click on the Learn button
  2. Click on Lessons
  3. Click on See all Lessons
  4. Scroll down and do the following Tutorial Lessons:
    1. Learning the Moves
    2. Camera Controls
    3. Creating Holes
    4. Scale, Copy & Paste
    5. Key Ring, Letters!

The Pobble

  1. Link to design: Pobble_Tinkercad_Guide_Optimized
  2. Complete this project in Tinkercad

*******Old Stuff*******

  1. Take the VisualDesign_pre-test to see what you already know about the elements and principles of design.
  2. Explore the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop. Click here to visit the Autodesk Digital Steam site.
  3. Go play with blocks. Open the Bryce3D program on your computer. Complete the tutorial to learn the interface and workflow of this 3D Landscape program. If you like it, Bryce is $20 and can be downloaded at


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