Programming 1A

Welcome to Game Programming!

Before we begin, here is a video to watch called What Most Schools Don’t Teach (Why Learn to Code.) It contains several people that you will recognize:

First Credit

  • Scratch Website:
  • Scratch assignment: Scratch Challenges Completion
    • Create a game in Scratch
    • Scratch Game Requirements
      1. NO MAZE GAMES
      2. Game should have a goal or objective.
      3. Start of game will display some instructions.
      4. Must be winnable – No Rage Games!
      5. Player is told if they lose.
      6. Game should display a score.
      7. Own art is good, give credit if using other people’s art.
      8. Game must have a soundtrack.
      9. Game must have 2 sound effects minimum.
      10. End game screen appears if game is won.

Second Credit

Third Credit