Animation 2

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: COM1145: Animation 1
Description: Students explore the evolution of various animation styles and techniques (traditional and digital). Students apply planning, idea development and storytelling techniques to create an effective animation.

Assignment 1: Complete this research assignment on the techniques and uses of animation. Make sure to hand it in when done!

Assignment 2: Complete this tutorial from the artist known as “Zeurel” on DeviantArt. This is a Walk Cycle tutorial. A walk cycle is a looping animation of a character walking. Sounds simple, but is difficult to get right! You may need to try it several times to get an acceptable animation. A good one will be smooth, with no “stuttering”.

  • Walk Animation
  • *One thing, the new version of Flash/Animate needs a tweak to the animation setup. Don’t use “Insert Blank Keyframes” during the setup, just use “Insert Keyframe” instead.

Assignment 3: Use your completed Walk Cycle as a template to draw your own original character walking. Below is an example. You can either draw over your rough animation, or redraw it on a new layer – up to you! For a final touch, tween a background that moves behind the character.

Learn more Animation

YouTube is full of amazing, professional and free resources and tutorials. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Endless Reference
  2. I Want to be an Animator
  3. Alan Becker


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