Web Design 2

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: COM1055: Web Design 1
Description: Students learn intermediate coding and software applications to produce a Web site.

In Web Design 2 we are going to extend our knowledge of HTML and code a multi-page Website using a template that we create from scratch. The class is also introduced to Web Editors (both free and non-free) as a way to speed up the coding process.

Web Page Editing programs:

  1. BlueGriffon – Free!
  2. CoffeeCup – Free!
  3. Kompozer – Free!
  4. Dreamweaver – Not Free.

We will begin by sketching out our site’s main layout, decide on the number of pages we will need, and map it all out. Colors will need to be chosen and graphics and resources need to be created and collected.

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