2nd Semester Already?!?

Yep, look at that, we are in the second semester. That of course means new students for me, and new classes for you!

In Quarter 3 we have a Design Studies class. This is mostly 1A (Grade 10 students) but there are some 2A students who are going to get to play with our new toy, a Solidooodle 3D printer! Read more about the Solidoodle here: http://www.solidoodle.com/

Cool use of Javascript

This is an example of face deformation using the javascript library clmtrackr.

Note that this example needs support for WebGL, and works best in Google Chrome.

To try it out:

  1. allow the page to your use webcamera
  2. make sure that your face is clearly visible in the video, and click start
  3. keep your head still until the model fits your face properly
  4. choose a preset or fiddle with the parameters on the right hand side, to deform the captured face


Even better, Face Substitution: